Summer Series “The Bible Course”- session 1


Over the next 8 weeks our morning services will be slightly different from normal as we will be journeying together as a congregation through the Bible Course – using the Bible Society videos,
featuring Dr Andrew Ollerton.

Readings for next session are:

Genesis 1:1-31 Creation, beauty and humanity – the origins of everything
Genesis 3:1-24 Temptation, the fall and evil – where it all went wrong
Genesis 8:1-22 and Genesis 9:1-17 The flood, the ark and the rainbow – time for a new start
Genesis 11:1-9 and Genesis 12:1-9 the tower, the promise and Abraham – God’s got a plan
Genesis 22: 1-19 Isaac, the sacrifice and the substitute – a big test of faith
Genesis 37: 1-16 Joseph, the coat and the dreams – down to Egypt.